Grooveshark Clone Goes Live

A new Grooveshark cloning site has gone live. Its biggest advantage is that it is free and does not have DMCA protection. Another major drawback is that it lacks DMCA protection, but other than that, it is quite similar to Grooveshark. This new site even offers keyboard shortcuts to create your own live streaming playlists.

Grooveshark clone allows users to create their own live streaming playlists

As the name suggests, this live streaming platform enables users to create their own live broadcast playlists and share them with their friends. The service’s broadcast feature was released later this week, allowing users to become online DJs with their own playlists. Users can also share these playlists via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Previously, grooveshark had more than 20 million users, but today, it is still one of the most popular web music streaming services. Users can find music by searching by song, artist, album, or genre, and can subscribe to other users’ playlists. It was also possible to create your own radio station with song lists and share them with friends.

However, while the business model of Grooveshark allows users to upload music to the website, this service has been sued by the record industry. While the company has defended its policy, the music industry still considers the business model illegal. As a result, users must make sure their uploaded sound files are legal and do not violate any rights postinghub. The lawsuit against Grooveshark was a result of several lawsuits filed by major record labels.

It is deprived of DMCA protection

A lawsuit filed by the Universal Music Group against a Grooveshark cloning service in 2010 claims that the clone violated copyright laws when it used music from its archives. The suit asserted that the music was covered by New York state law, not the federal Copyright Act, and that the clone could not rely on the DMCA’s safe harbor provisions thoptvnews. This act defines the requirements and responsibilities of service providers.

This decision follows a similar one filed by Escape last year. The company was aware of the copyright risks when it started to develop its clone, and admitted that they had no idea it would fall victim to them. Escape’s draft due diligence report from 2007 made this fact clear, as did the court ruling. Nevertheless, the company is confident in its ability to defend itself against the lawsuit.

It is similar to Grooveshark

It is hard to find a suitable alternative to Grooveshark, which closed down in September due to legal action by a trio of major music industry giants. Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI Music Publishing have all sued the site for copyright violations. Regardless of the legal situation, it is hard to find a reliable alternative magazinemania. Fortunately, there are some free alternatives to Grooveshark available on the internet.

The Grooveshark clonie has a large library, seemingly unlimited in its number of songs. These songs are uploaded by users and independent labels, which is infringing on copyright. The company has denied infringement claims for years, but finally admitted that it is a source of piracy. In addition, according to music industry consultant Mark Mulligan, Grooveshark has exploited gray areas in the law, resulting in endless appeals.

It has keyboard shortcuts

A Grooveshark clonal is a software application that allows users to control the program with keyboard shortcuts. Using keySharky’s keyboard shortcuts, users can play and pause the music, add songs to favorites, and much more newsbench. The program also features keyboard shortcuts for volume and playback. Another useful tool for Grooveshark users is SharkZapper, a Chrome extension that works as a bookmark button that can be used to launch Grooveshark.


Unlike the official Grooveshark application, the Mac version also includes keyboard shortcuts for controlling the program. Using keyboard shortcuts to control the program will make it easier to navigate and use. You can also copy songs and album art from Tinysong and paste them in the relevant fields. For Mac users, the app also has an extension that allows you to copy results and add them to your favorites’ newsstock. The only downside to this extension is that it’s not compatible with the official Grooveshark application.

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